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You are in Omnicorp Labs, an under construction lab/satellite in the orbit of Jupiter. They want to make the most unbreakable robot that anyone has ever seen, but the robot they are designing is not good at navigating the lab by itself so that is where YOU come in! you need to guide PABO through each test to make sure that PABO DOESN'T die. You will find a DNA Regeneration Station or DNARS for short all over the satellite. they allow PABO to come back to life as many times as you want.

The Goal: To help repair the satellite by destroying the prototype security robots that hold key parts that are needed. note all of these are bigger and deadlier than you and can destroy you with a single touch but you can find a way around that, right?

Install instructions

Make sure you have Unity installed.
Extract the Files from the .zip folder into another folder
Run the .exe and you're done!

(Browser Version Coming Soon)


COOLR Demo (Old V2) 21 MB
COOLR 1.1 20 MB

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